I give educational workshops and talks on robotics, software, and electronics.

Automating Preventive Back Care with ML/DL A tool using deep learning for image classification of bad posture. Built in collaboration with Adit Deshpande.

Towards Autonomous Warehousing and Delivery Human-robot interface using TTS and computer vision on top of ROS.

20/20 - A Decentralized Voting Platform A blockchain-enabled prototype for decentralized vote counting.

Foresighted Navigation Through Cluttered Environments On a paper by Regier et al.

DevFest 2017 Introductory slides for Columbia University's premier hackathon.

An Intro to Hardware (Why Software Sucks) A workshop on hardware development using the Arduino.

The Case for JADE A description of the Jumpstarting Aspiring Developers and Entrepreneurs program, a 1-week web development and startup-visiting bootcamp I taught.

Intro to JQuery JQuery, the most widely deployed JavaScript library in the world.

Demo Days @ Tumblr HQ Technical demonstration of SERGE, a T-shirt shooting robot, at Tech@NYU/Tumblr DemoDays.

How to Build a Robot Workshop covering wide-ranging topics for BlueStamp Engineering.

Make It Go Java programming with a focus on the FIRST Robotics Competition.

Resistor-Capacitor Circuits Exploring the behavior of RC circuits.